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Empowering Healthier Futures: Dr. Houston's Mission with Nashville Weight Loss Solutions

Our Nashville Weight Loss community has seen significant growth lately! We are excited to extend a warm welcome to all of the newcomers joining the Nashville Weight Loss Solutions community. With this exciting milestone, we wanted to take this opportunity to sit down with Dr. Houston so that he could take us back to the beginning; how Nashville Weight Loss Solutions was founded, how it’s different,  and the support that is provided to our community.

Dr. Houston’s main goal with Nashville Weight Loss Solutions? To empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness. As a bariatric surgeon, his dedication to transforming lives stems from a pivotal realization during his fellowship at Vanderbilt. "I chose bariatric surgery because I saw firsthand how rewarding it can be," Dr. Houston explains. Inspired by a patient's remarkable journey post-surgery, he recognized the profound impact it could have on individuals' lives.

Growing up in a small town within a family of surgeons, Dr. Houston's decision was further shaped by the desire to make a tangible difference. "The satisfaction and reward in this field felt greater to me," he says.

At Nashville Weight Loss Solutions, Dr. Houston emphasizes a comprehensive approach to weight management. "This disease of obesity is difficult to treat," he notes. "It takes a team approach." He believes that surgery is just a fraction of the solution. "Surgery is just part of this puzzle," he says. "Equally important is the education piece, the support, and the accountability."

With this philosophy in mind, Dr. Houston has built a robust team of experts at National Weight Loss Solutions. "We've tried to build that here in the right way," he says. "We have nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dieticians,—everyone plays a crucial role." From support groups to social media education and outreach, the practice leverages various resources to ensure each patient receives comprehensive care tailored to their needs.

Driven by compassion and accessibility, Dr. Houston ensures his patients feel supported every step of the way. "A lot of my patients have my cell phone," he says. "I'm here to help, no matter the question or concern."

For Dr. Houston, the journey toward healthier futures is a collaborative effort. "We're in this together," he emphasizes. "And I'm committed to guiding each patient towards their goals."

With Dr. Houston’s guidance, Nashville Weight Loss Solutions isn’t just a doctor treating a disease, we are a team of specialists coming together to guide each and every patient along the path to success. 

On behalf of Dr. Houston and the rest of our team, welcome to the Nashville Weight Loss Solutions family. We are so glad to be on this journey with you! 


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