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BLIS Care for Weight Loss Surgery

BLIS Care** is not health insurance, but rather a one-of-a-kind specialty insurance that provides financial protection for patients of a BLIS Care insured surgeon against costs that may arise from specific surgical complications.  Dr. Houston is part of this exclusive network of "best in class" surgeons from around the country that have been approved by the company BLIS, Inc.

Many patients are willing to pay the out-of-pocket costs often required for a surgical procedure but are nervous about the potential costs that they may incur should a potential complication arise.  Although complications are rare, they can happen. The peace of mind of not having to pay for medical expenses related to a complication helps patients feel more comfortable with their decision.

By choosing Dr. Houston as your self-pay surgeon, it automatically includes you in BLIS Care coverage!


**Many programs do not offer BLIS Care so when comparing prices be sure to ask whether this is included.  

What Does BLIS Care Do for You?
  • Commitment to patients that they will have access to additional medical care needed to treat a covered complication at no additional cost

  • BLIS pays for all medical bills related to covered complications including any facility fees, surgeon fees, professional charges, rehabilitation, and any other ancillary costs as directed and approved by your BLIS surgeon

  • Any concerns regarding covered complications will be immediately addressed between you and your BLIS surgeon, enabling the continuation of care including diagnosis and treatment

  • Alleviates concern by planning ahead for unexpected medical bills that may exceed the cost of your surgery

  • In conjunction with the hospital and Dr. Houston, BLIS Care coverage is included in the cost of your surgery for 90 days following your Bariatric Surgery

To learn more about BLIS Care Coverage or if you wish to proceed with our Self-Pay FastTrack Option, call us at (615) 342-5820 or complete our contact form.

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