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Self-Pay FastTrack Option

        Although obesity is the #1 public health problem facing America today, private insurance policies and many employers do not offer coverage for the surgical treatment of obesity.  We have affordable pricing for our self-pay patients and the FastTrack program means that a patient may be able to have surgery within 3-4 weeks of their decision to pursue weight loss surgery.​

Bariatric Surgery Packages

All packages include: 

  • Pre-surgical testing including radiology and blood tests

  • Surgeon, anesthesia, and hospital fees

  • Lifetime of post-operatve visits with Dr. Houston

  • Lifetime access to our registered dietitians, exercise physiologist, and Psychological Support Program

  • BLIS Care Coverage of complications related to surgery for 90 days after the procedure**

   * Same day surgery price (restrictions apply)

   ** If price shopping, be aware many programs do not offer BLIS Care ($1500 value)

To qualify for the Self-Pay FastTrack option:

  • BMI > 30 with or without obesity related health conditions for the Lap-Band

  • BMI > 35 with or without obesity related health conditions for the Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass

  • BMI > 50 with or without obesity related health conditions for the Duodenal Switch

  • History of failed dietary attempts 

  • No unstable or untreated psychological illnesses

  • Not a smoker or willing to quit smoking prior to surgery

  • Commitment to life-long medical surveillance

  • At least 16 years of age

  • Do not have bariatric surgery coverage or do not wish to proceed with insurance coverage for your procedure

Some patients may choose to borrow against their 401k plan or utilize a home equity line of credit. However, if you need assistance with financing your surgery, we work with several leading healthcare finance companies like Prosper Healthcare LendingLending USA and CareCredit.  Please be aware that most finance companies charge fees which are not included in the rates listed above.  You may need to borrow a greater amount to ensure you have the full amount required to pay for your surgery.

The IRS allows taxpayers undergoing weight loss surgery to deduct expenses for procedures, approved weight-loss drugs, and nutritional counseling. Deductions are allowed for uncompensated expenses of treatment of an individual if the cost is more than 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income. Talk to your tax professional or CPA about how tax deductions can help you and your weight loss surgery process. We’ve included the link here to the IRS Medical Tax Deduction Information page.

Some or all of the costs associated with a weight loss program may be reimbursable if you have a healthcare spending account (FSA/HSA). Check first with your account administrator about your eligible expenses. Some services, supplements, or medications may require a letter of medical necessity. Be sure to talk with your accountant or financial advisor about how this could help you.

If you do not have bariatric coverage and wish to proceed with the Self-Pay FastTrack Option, please complete our contact form below or call us at (615) 342-5820 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Houston.  

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