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Ask Dr. Houston Your Top Weight Loss Surgery Questions

You asked, Dr. Houston answered! We sat down with Dr. Houston to answer some of the most common questions regarding weight loss surgery.  

Can my stomach stretch out after weight loss surgery? 

Your stomach technically can’t stretch back out after weight loss surgery, but that doesn't mean you can't gain weight. It's important to understand that weight gain after surgery often stems from individuals reverting to unhealthy eating habits. They still can only eat small meals, but they eat more frequent nutritionally poor foods, leading to weight gain. The key is to remain committed to the recommended regimen of consuming small, healthy meals.

The misconception lies in thinking that the weight gain is related to the stomach physically stretching out, when, in reality, patients deviate from the advised dietary guidelines.  They let stress and other factors interfere with their weight loss journey and find themselves off track. 

Our support system, including regular provider appointments, dietician visits,  support groups, and social media interaction is designed to help give patients the tools they need to stay accountable and feel supported throughout their journey. 

Is weight loss surgery the easy way out? 

Absolutely not! Individuals opt for these procedures not solely to shed pounds, but because they struggle with maintaining weight loss. They have had a continuous battle with maintaining weight loss throughout their lives. The majority of patients we work with can successfully lose weight, but they end up having these procedures because they can’t keep the weight off.  They are struggling with a broken metabolism and need help long-term maintaining weight loss. 

These procedures are wrongly perceived as shortcuts to losing weight.  They are told by friends and family members, "You don't need to undergo surgery to lose weight." However, the purpose of these procedures extends beyond quick fixes for weight loss. They represent a long-term management solution for individuals whose metabolisms pose unique challenges. Recognizing this aspect is vital to dispel the misconception surrounding these surgeries.

Is weight loss surgery safe? 

Yes!! Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in performing these surgeries, continually improving our techniques. The procedures themselves have evolved, transitioning from open surgery to laparoscopic surgery and now incorporating robotic surgery.  Surgeons are committed to the advancement of their field and the safety of their patients. Today, complications from bariatric surgery are extremely rare. We are witnessing an increasing number of individuals undergoing these procedures successfully and leading happier, healthier lifestyles.


Are you considering weight loss surgery or have weight loss surgery questions of your own? Dr. Houston and his team are here to help! 

A great place to start is with our 60-second weight loss surgery assessment. You can access our assessment HERE.

Alternatively, you contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr.Houston HERE.  

For 20 years, Dr. Houston has been helping thousands of patients successfully achieve their weight loss goals with bariatric surgery.  Witnessing first-hand how these surgeries change people's lives, his passion now is to educate as many people as possible on how to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds, no other program has the variety of tools that it offers.  His team at Nashville Weight Loss Solutions works with you to develop a comprehensive, personalized plan to help you achieve results based on your unique weight loss needs. Learn more about Nashville Weight Loss HERE.


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