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STAR Coaching Program

     STAR Coaching is the nutritional education and accountability component of our Medical Weight Loss Program. However, we realized there are many people merely seeking education and accountability without weight loss medication support.  As a result, we developed a more intense 6 week program focusing on meal planning, coaching, and accountability.

Our STAR (Start Transforming and Achieve Results) Coaching Program provides the education and accountability you need to develop healthy eating habits and lose weight. STAR is led by our registered dietitian, Katie Wells, who is passionate about health and fitness and will partner with you to transform your lifestyle. 

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Katie uses her expertise to educate you on healthy eating and nutrition, focusing on helping you understand the “why” behind our healthy eating plan. This education empowers you to eat healthier and lose weight and is key to maintaining this lifestyle once you reach your goal.

Accountability is a crucial aspect of STAR. You won’t always be motivated to stick to your healthy eating plan, but consistent communication with our coach along with regular weigh-ins and personalized meal plans helps you achieve results.

Program Details

Our 6-week program includes:

  • Initial consultation with registered dietitian

  • Nutritional assessment and goal setting

  • Weigh-ins and measurements

  • Weekly accountability with in-office or virtual visits     

  • Meal plans and recommendations

  • Food journal review and email support as needed


Ongoing monthly coaching available for continued weight loss and/or maintenance:

  • Weekly accountability with in-office or virtual visits

  • Updated meal plans and recommendations

  • Ongoing accountability and support

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In addition to weekly visits, clients have access to our registered dietitian via email 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday for support. Frequent communication in the first few weeks is highly encouraged for clarity, accountability and motivation.


The cost of our 6 week STAR Coaching Program is $350.  Ongoing monthly coaching for continued weight loss and/or maintenance is $100 per month.  Unfortunately, insurances do not cover the cost of this type of program.  

Is STAR Coaching Right for You?

If you're confused by all the conflicting information from various fad diets, if you need accountability to ensure you’re eating the right foods for you, or if you find you need occasional encouragement to continue your transformation, then let Katie and STAR Coaching make a Nashville STAR out of you!

Meet Katie Wells, RD, LD

To learn more about our STAR Coaching Program or to schedule a consultation with Katie, please call us at (615) 342-5820 or complete our contact form.

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