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Downloadable Lean Meal Calendar

One of the best ways to be successful with your weight loss goals is by planning ahead and keeping it SIMPLE! We’ve put together a resource to help you do both. The great thing about this calendar is that you actually only have to cook 3-4 times to create a month’s worth of easy meals. For each protein, you’ll prepare 5 serving sizes of the protein and freeze them (add fresh ingredients after thawing). When it’s time for the meal, you’ll simply thaw, warm, and assemble!

Rotisserie Chicken

Meal 1: Chicken salad with greek yogurt, grapes, walnuts, and celery served on a bed of lettuce

Meal 2: Tex-Mex chicken salad with black beans, tomatoes, and peppers

Meal 3: Taco soup with low-sodium chicken broth, diced tomatoes, black beans, and peppers

Meal 4: Mediterranean chicken salad with olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers

Meal 5: Chicken noodle-less soup

TIP: Keep low-calorie salad dressings on hand. We love the “salad spritzer” dressings.

Ground Turkey

Meal 1: Turkey tacos with lettuce wraps

Meal 2: Italian stuffed peppers (no rice or cauliflower rice)

Meal 3: Turkey meatballs on spaghetti squash (sugar-free tomato sauce)

Meal 4: Turkey burgers on mushroom caps

Meal 5: Southwest turkey burgers with pico de gallo on lettuce wraps

TIP: Separate out patties, meatballs, and taco meat before freezing. You can cook at the same time and freeze once cooked, or freeze and cook later.

Grilled Chicken Breast

Meal 1: Grilled chicken breast lettuce wraps

Meal 2: Grilled chicken salad with cucumbers and tomatoes

Meal 3: Chipotle-style chicken bowls on cauliflower rice

Meal 4: Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps

Meal 5: Grilled chicken parm topped with sugar-free tomato sauce and mozzarella (no noodles)

TIP: Pre-measure each protein serving before freezing to make sure it’s the right size to help keep you on track.

Baked Salmon

Meal 1: Salmon cucumber salad (made with greek yogurt)

Meal 2: Avocado salsa-topped salmon

Meal 3: Lemon garlic salmon with asparagus

Meal 4: Salmon sushi bowl with cauliflower rice, low-sodium soy sauce, and cucumber

Meal 5: Salmon salad

TIP: There are so many low-calorie marinades to enhance the flavor of your salmon. If your salmon is fresh, you can even marinate it before you freeze it if you’ll be cooking it at a later date.

Download Your Printable Lean Meal Calendar Here!

Lean Meal Calendar
Download PDF • 1.90MB


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