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Transformation Story - Martha

Our patient, Martha, was ready to participate in her life again. She did her research, weighed the options, and decided that the Gastric Sleeve was her next step. She has taken many steps each day since then toward a healthier, happier life. Read her interview below and be inspired by her dedication and success!

What was your life like before surgery?

Prior to surgery, I spent lots of time sitting, napping, not actively involved in much of anything. I didn’t have a lot of energy for any activities, and felt very disconnected from the life being lived by my family and friends.

How did you decide that you were ready for surgery?

I have been on several types of diets in the past – meal replacement shakes, Jenny Craig, and even “diet pills.” Nothing seemed to work for me. I was good at losing the weight, but I always managed to gain it back. I knew that surgery would be a lifestyle change, and I felt that I was ready to make that step. I did lots of research about the different weight loss procedures, including all of the benefits, risks, etc. I like to make informed decisions, and after thinking about the surgical option for over six months – I decided I was ready to make that lifestyle change and lifestyle commitment for my future.

What made you choose Dr. Houston?

I did lots of research on the various bariatric surgeons and the various bariatric surgery options that are available in the Nashville area. I researched Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity AND Dr. Houston – including what surgical options he offered for his patients. I decided that the sleeve gastrectomy was the best option for my needs, and determined that Dr. Houston would be the best surgeon for that procedure. I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Houston, and he was (as I had anticipated based on my research) the right surgeon for that procedure and for me – he explained the surgical options, discussed in detail the sleeve gastrectomy, and the timing of surgery and recovery. He patiently answered the seemingly millions of questions that I had. I left my surgical consult appointment confident that Dr. Houston was the best surgeon to perform the procedure, and to offer the support needed during my recovery and post-surgical needs.

Give us your best weight loss/maintenance advice.

Pay attention to your body! I really do believe that the adage “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” is TRUE! Learn to eat only what you need to live – don’t live to eat! I have truly learned the importance of portion control, and how it is really the key to successful weight loss and maintenance. Also, don’t forget to add some consistent exercise (walking, yoga, etc.) to your daily life. It will provide a focal point and a goal for you each day, and it is not as “food centered” as watching what you eat. I have found that watching my food intake is far more burdensome than exercising – and I now use exercise as my stress reliever! No more ice cream for me, instead its hit the pavement and walk, walk, walk!

What is a personal goal that you are working on now?

My personal goal is to hike to the top of Mount LeConte – without stopping for breaks, and to actually make it to the top! I really want to make this hike with my husband, and I am working on my stamina for that hike. I could definitely NOT have made this hike at my previous weight! I also could not have ever “prepared” for this hike at my previous weight, as I simply did not have the energy for it.

How has Nashville Weight Loss Solutions continued to support you beyond operation day?

Dr. Houston and his office staff have been so supportive. They are so easy to work with, and help celebrate your victories as you move through the various post surgical phases. There is never anyone on staff who isn’t willing to answer your questions, and assist you with whatever issue you encounter. The dietitians offer options for helping you adjust to life “post surgery” with both food choice options, and with lifestyle support. Dr. Houston is also a great resource in helping you with making proper lean/high protein options that are most beneficial for you.

What has been your biggest "non-scale victory"?

This past spring I had the opportunity to meet my college friends for a girls weekend. This was quite a victory for me as we chose to meet at a beachside resort, where I was able to participate in the beach activities and the water sports available at our resort. I had the stamina and energy for the numerous outdoor activities we did that weekend, and I wasn’t exhausted after the weekend was over. It was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in recent memory.

If you want to transform your life like Martha has, we want to help. Take a look at all the ways you can Choose to Lose with Nashville Weight Loss Solutions, or give us a call today at 615-342-5820.

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