Holiday Meal Survival - 5 Easy Strategies

Easter Sunday is right around the corner, and chances are your family or friends will be getting together for a large meal. A large meal that will likely be full of offerings that are not on your eating plan. Holidays, parties, special occasions, and other social obligations can be one of the biggest challenges for people who are trying to stick with a diet. If you find yourself in that boat, here are 5 simple strategies for navigating tricky meals.

1. Don’t go to a party hungry.

People will often eat very little or even fast entirely in anticipation of a large holiday meal or other special occasion. Resist this temptation! If you show up hungry, you’ll eat more and faster. Rather, focus on eating healthy throughout the day to keep your glucose levels stable. Choose a high-protein snack before an event such as an apple with peanut butter or a hardboiled egg.

2. Survey the Buffet before filling your plate.

Take a look at all of the options before you start serving. Chances are you can find some protein and vegetables that will help you feel full and satisfied, which will in turn help you pass on desserts and other sources of “empty” calories.

3. Make sure what you’re eating is “Splurge-Worthy.”

If you’re going to splurge or “cheat” on your eating plan, then make sure it’s something you’ll really enjoy! Better a small serving of your favorite dessert than several mindless handfuls of trail mix while you’re catching up with family and friends. Make conscious, intentional choices and let yourself enjoy what you choose!

4.Use strong mints. (Really.)

Strong mints, chewing gum or even breath strips will dull the taste buds and also trigger satiety messages to the brain. So pop an Altoid when you arrive and use it again if you find yourself wanting to graze socially.

5. Maintain Perspective.

Overeating at one meal won’t destroy your progress. It takes days and days of overeating to truly gain weight. If you see the number on the scale increase, it’s likely that you’re simply retaining fluid. Don’t give up. Plan to get back on track tomorrow. There are going to be a few bumps on the road to achieving a healthy weight, but your hard work has not been undone!

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