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Transformation Story - Courtney

Are you considering weight loss surgery? Wondering what it's really like? Check out this interview with one of our patients, Courtney. She has worked hard for her results, and we are so proud!

What was your life like before surgery?

Before surgery I was miserable. I had zero energy and was exhausted all the time, I couldn't walk from one room to the next without getting out of breath, I had multiple co-morbidities (including sleep apnea, GERD, high blood pressure, pitting edema in my legs and migraines), I could no longer bend over to tie my shoes and my feet were so swollen I couldn't fit into even my flip flops.

How did you decide that you were ready for surgery?

I have been on one diet or another for as long as I can remember. Each time I would lose some weight but it would come back twice as much. I decided it was time for surgery when I realized that I could not be the mother I wanted to be to my son. I worried every night that I may not wake up the next day. Surgery was my last option to lose the weight and get healthy for not only myself but for my son.

Why did you choose Dr. Houston?

A friend that I worked with had undergone gastric bypass with Dr. Houston and highly recommended him. I also reviewed all the videos and information on each of the doctors on the CMCWLS website before I made my decision. These videos are a great resource!

What surprised you about the process?

The process actually goes very quick. The office is very efficient in helping you to complete your insurance requirements, preparing you for what will take place before, during and after surgery, and making sure that you have direction on what to do once you get home. They definitely offer the entire package. You wont be left wondering how to do things on your own.

Give us your best piece of weight loss advice.

My motto has become "Progress not perfection". This is a lifelong process, not a quick fix. Not everyday will be a 100%. You will have slip ups and set backs, but the difference is picking yourself up and getting back on track. As long as you are making progress you will get to your goal.

How much weight have you lost so far and what is your goal?

Right now I am about 6 1/2 months post op. I have lost 103 pounds. My goal which was set by Dr. Houston and I is to lose 150 pounds.

How has Nashville Weight Loss Solutions continued to support you beyond operation day?

The office staff is fantastic! You can call the office at any time for an emergency and reach the on call doctor as well as call during business hours to speak with Dr. Houston's staff, the dietitian or the exercise physiologist. They never act like you are a bother no matter how many times you call to ask questions and are always happy to help. They also have ongoing support groups at the center, different locations in the area and are adding an online support group as well for those that are not able to attend the in person sessions. There is a group Facebook page that you can use to connect to others that are thinking of having surgery, in the process of having surgery, already had surgery or are years out from surgery. It is a fantastic resource and makes you feel very connected during the entire process.

If you want to transform your life like Courtney has, we want to help. Take a look at all the ways you can Choose to Lose with Nashville Weight Loss Solutions, or give us a call today at 615-342-5820.

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