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Hassle-Free Financing and Insurance Solutions

Kick off your weight loss journey with confidence, backed by our comprehensive financing and insurance options. At Nashville Weight Loss Solutions, we understand the significance of hassle-free financial support as you pursue a healthier life. Our dedicated team is committed to simplifying the process, ensuring you have seamless access to life-changing bariatric solutions.

Pathway to Surgery

Am I a Candidate?

Discovering if weight loss surgery aligns with your needs involves considering various factors. From your BMI and existing health conditions to your lifestyle choices, the decision is multifaceted. To guide you in this process, our 60-second quiz takes a closer look at these aspects, helping you gain insights into whether weight loss surgery is the right fit for your unique circumstances.

Will my insurance cover surgery?

While many private policies don't cover bariatric surgery, larger employers often do. Coverage usually requires a BMI > 40 (or > 35 with certain co-morbidities). Additional requirements may include documented dietary attempts, psychological stability, non-smoking status, physician support, and commitment to post-surgery surveillance.

What is my next step?

To find out if your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery, please complete our Contact Us form. Our insurance specialists will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. Once we know the details of your insurance coverage, our patient navigator will call you to discuss the next steps.  

No insurance coverage? No Problem.

Self-Pay FastTrack Option

While obesity remains the primary public health concern in America, surgical treatment is often not covered by private insurance policies or many employers. However, we provide cost-effective options for self-pay patients. Our FastTrack program offers the possibility of scheduling surgery within 3-4 weeks from the decision to pursue weight loss surgery.



Gastric Sleeve


Gastric Bypass


All packages include: 

  • Pre-surgical tests (radiology and blood tests)

  • Surgeon, anesthesia, and hospital fees

  • Lifelong post-operative visits with Dr. Houston

  • Lifelong access to our registered dietitians, exercise physiologist, and Psychological Support Program

  • BLIS Care Coverage for surgery-related complications for 90 days after the procedure

For those seeking financial assistance, we collaborate with prominent healthcare finance companies like Prosper Healthcare Lending, Lending USA, and CareCredit. It's important to note that most finance companies charge fees not included in the listed rates, potentially requiring borrowers to secure a higher amount.

Did You Know About Tax Benefits for Weight Loss Surgery?

Tax benefits may be available for weight loss surgery expenses, including procedures, approved drugs, and nutritional counseling. The IRS allows deductions for uncompensated treatment costs exceeding 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income. 

Certain costs related to a weight loss program might be reimbursable through healthcare spending accounts (FSA/HSA). Verify eligible expenses with your account administrator, and be aware that some services, supplements, or medications may require a letter of medical necessity.

Consult with a tax professional or CPA to understand how these deductions can support your weight loss journey.

Peace of Mind After Surgery

BLIS Care for Weight Loss Surgery: Your Safety Net

BLIS Care is not your typical health insurance. It's a unique specialty coverage ensuring financial protection for patients of BLIS Care-insured surgeons, like Dr. Houston. As part of this elite network, Dr. Houston is approved by BLIS, Inc., offering patients peace of mind against potential surgical complications.

Many patients are open to covering out-of-pocket surgical costs but worry about unexpected expenses from complications. While rare, complications can occur. Choosing Dr. Houston as your self-pay surgeon automatically enrolls you in BLIS Care, providing financial coverage for 90 days post-Bariatric Surgery.

Assurance of access to additional medical care for covered complications at no extra cost.

Coverage for all medical bills related to complications, including facility fees, surgeon fees, professional charges, etc.

Immediate resolution of concerns regarding covered complications, ensuring ongoing care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Alleviates concern by planning ahead for unexpected medical bills that may exceed the cost of your surgery.

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