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Katie  has been with Nashville Weight Loss Solutions since the spring of 2019.  She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and then received her Certificate in Dietetics from Lipscomb University.  She also completed a Dietetic Internship with Lipscomb University. Emily finds that her psychology background combined with her expertise in nutrition makes her an excellent healthy lifestyle coach.  She loves watching her patients transform and achieve the results they desire. Emily grew up in Nashville, and she and her fiance find that Music City is the ideal setting to satisfy their love of music and food.

ReShape Gastric Balloon in Nashville, TN

      The ReShape™ Integrated Dual Balloon System is a first-of-its-kind non-surgical weight loss procedure for people with mild to moderate obesity. ReShape provides a new option for adults with a BMI of 30-40 who haven’t succeeded at diet and exercise alone and do not want or do not qualify for bariatric surgery.

Balloon Placement and Removal
ReShape Gastric Balloon in Nashville, TN
What is Unique About the ReShape design?
ReShape Gastric Balloon in Nashville, TN

Only ReShape dual intragastric balloon technology uses two connected saline (salt water) filled balloons. The dual weight loss balloons were designed to hold a higher volume of saline, and therefore take up more room in the stomach than a single balloon. Additionally, the dual gastric balloons were designed to sit in the stomach in a way that mirrors the natural curvature of the stomach to enhance comfort when in place.

Finally, the connected, dual weight loss balloons were designed to enhance safety. In the unlikely event of a balloon deflation, the second gastric balloon maintains the position of the device in the stomach. Thus preventing it from migrating into the intestines where it may require surgical removal.

One Year of Comprehensive Coaching

Our personalized coaching focuses on changing your eating habits, enhancing your physical fitness, and helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle. There will be monthly reviews of your diet, progress, and weight loss goals to make sure you’re on track and staying healthy.  They’re also available to address any concerns, provide advice, and help you create personalized strategies to keep you on the path to success.

Proven Weight Loss without Surgery

Clinically proven, the ReShape weight loss procedure is helping people around the world lose weight and keep it off. ReShape clinical trial patients lost more than twice as much weight with the ReShape gastric balloon than diet and exercise alone. Most ReShape gastric balloon patients keep the weight off or continue to lose weight, even after the gastric balloon is removed.

Exclusive Patient Portal

The ReShape program not only includes the full year of support with comprehensive coaching, but every patient also receives a Fitbit® wireless scale and Activity Tracker that will connect with an exclusive patient portal via an app the web. The portal is designed to track weight loss progress, activity, and food intake. It also delivers healthy living articles, recipes, and more. Patients highly engaged on the ReShape Portal lost 100% more weight compared to those with low engagement.

Why Choose ReShape®?
ReShape Gastric Balloon in Nashville, TN
  • Dual balloon design prioritizes safety by minimizing the risk of migration​.

  • Improves comfort by conforming to the natural shape your stomach​.

  • A larger capacity than other weight loss balloon systems, taking up more space in your stomach. 

  • ​Inserted in a single procedure with no x-rays required.

  • Unlike weight loss surgeries, ReShape is not a permanent implant and does not permanently reroute your digestive system

  • No Surgery. No scars.


Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the ReShape® weight loss balloon at this time.  The cost of our comprehensive program is $7200, which includes surgeon consultation, insertion, removal procedures, Fit Bit scale, and 1 year of personalized weight loss coaching.  $150 is due at the time of consultation and will be applied to the total cost of the program. Financing options are available through national agencies including Lending USA, Prosper Healthcare Lending, and CareCredit.  


Many patients don’t realize the cost they spend on weight loss products or that the deductible they need to meet on insurance programs can be higher than the cost of this non-surgical weight loss solution.  The procedure is tax deductible for many patients, and you could ultimately save 30% of the cost through using a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account.

Is ReShape® Right for You?

The ReShape gastric balloon procedure is a proven path to weight loss. It was designed for people who have a Body Mass Index between 30 - 40, no previous weight loss or stomach surgery, and willingness to make changes to support a healthy lifestyle.  

No matter what motivates you—from improving your health and amping up your energy to improving your confidence and loving your reflection in the mirror—having the right tools and resources to help you be successful can make all the difference.

“I incorporated the whole program into what I was doing and the weight just fell off.”

*Individual results may vary.

To learn more about the ReShape® weight loss balloon or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Houston, please call us at (615) 342-5820 or complete our contact form.

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