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Start, Achieve, and Maintain: Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here

Our commitment lies in helping you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, tailored to your unique needs. Even if surgery or medication aren't great options for you, we can embrace a holistic and individualized approach that not only transforms your body but also equips you with the tools for long-term success.


Say goodbye to quick fixes and hello to a lasting, healthier you – the Nashville Weight Loss Solutions way.

STAR Coaching Program

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At Nashville Weight Loss Solutions, we recognize that not everyone seeking nutritional education and accountability requires weight loss surgery or medication support, which is why we offer an intensive 6-week STAR Coaching Program. This program is a transformative experience centered around meal planning, coaching, and accountability.


Led by our passionate registered dietitian, Tiffany Adams, STAR (Start Transforming and Achieve Results) Coaching focuses on providing the education and support needed to cultivate healthy eating habits and achieve weight loss goals.


Through personalized weigh-ins, measurements, and weekly accountability, our program empowers you to understand the "why" behind our healthy eating plan, fostering a sustainable lifestyle even after reaching your goal.

Is STAR Coaching Right for You?

If you're confused by all the conflicting information from various fad diets, if you need accountability to ensure you’re eating the right foods for you, or if you find you need occasional encouragement to continue your transformation, then let Tiffany and STAR Coaching make a Nashville STAR out of you!

Our 6-week STAR Coaching Program includes:

  • Initial consultation with a registered dietitian

  • Nutritional assessment and goal setting

  • Weigh-ins and measurements

  • Weekly accountability through in-office or virtual visits

  • Personalized meal plans

  • Food journal reviews and email support as needed

Ongoing monthly coaching is available for continued weight loss and maintenance, featuring updated meal plans, recommendations, and unwavering support.

In addition to weekly visits, clients have access to our registered dietitian via email from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday for support.

Frequent communication in the first few weeks is highly encouraged for clarity, accountability, and motivation.


$350 for the 6-week program.

Ongoing monthly coaching is available for $100 per month.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this type of program.

Meet Our Registered Dietitian: Tiffany Adams, RD, LD

Tiffany joined the Nashville Weight Loss Solutions team in 2022 and quickly became an indispensable member. Specializing in nutrition counseling for both our surgical and medical weight loss programs, Tiffany also oversees the management of our vitamin and meal replacement lines.

Her impressive background includes internships with esteemed organizations such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where she contributed to spaceflight nutrition research. Tiffany also gained valuable experience in intensive care at Memorial Hermann Health System, nutrition healthcare management at Sysco Corporate Headquarters, performance sports nutrition at the University of Houston, and dialysis at DaVita Kidney Care.


Before transitioning her career in 2019, Tiffany held the position of Director of Operations for a vacation rental company in Destin, FL. In this role, she honed her skills in upper-level operational management, client relations, and systems development.


A former competitive gymnast and devoted Crossfit enthusiast, brings a unique perspective to her role. Committed to providing patients with sustainable tools for a better, stronger, and more meaningful life, she is an invaluable asset to our team.


Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed weight loss protocol that is only offered through preferred healthcare partners and trained coaches.  It offers safe, rapid weight loss while sparing lean muscle mass.  


One-on-one weekly coaching sessions and daily video support are key to the program’s success. Ideal Protein strongly emphasizes the importance of education and healthier lifestyle habits for sustained weight loss.

How Ideal Protein Works

Understanding Weight Gain

Modern weight issues often stem from insulin dysfunction, where an excess of sugars prompts overproduction of insulin. This imbalance leads to hypoglycemia, fueling sugar cravings and a cycle of continuous weight gain. Insulin, a key fat transport facilitator, essentially instructs the body to "gain fat."

How Ideal Protein Works

Ideal Protein's commitment to high-quality protein safeguards muscle mass during weight loss.


The protein's superior absorption rate ensures efficient fat burning while retaining crucial muscle mass, distinguishing the program in achieving a balanced and effective transformation.

Impact of Quality Protein

Ideal Protein's commitment to high-quality protein safeguards muscle mass during weight loss.


The protein's superior absorption rate ensures efficient fat burning while retaining crucial muscle mass, distinguishing the program in achieving a balanced and effective transformation.

What to Expect

✔ Reduced hunger and cravings
✔ Improved energy
✔ One-on-one weekly professional coaching
✔ Daily video support
✔ Lifetime education and support


A one-time membership fee of $149, with protein foods at $90 per week and required vitamins at $90 per month. Although it may seem an initial investment, the long-term benefits and health improvements make Ideal Protein a rewarding choice.

Is Ideal Protein Right for You?

If you're devoted to bettering your health and overall well-being, aspiring to lead a healthier life with the freedom to fully enjoy it, working to conquer weight loss challenges without surgery, or simply wanting to reclaim the ease of fitting into your clothing—Ideal Protein stands as the comprehensive solution to help you attain those objectives.

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